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Why the political tension between Russia and Turkey is nothing new

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015

Why the political tension between Russia and Turkey is nothing new

In our crazy world and in the ever-changing historical situations, there is a feeling that some countries have been enemies since the beginning of time and their hostility and aggressive relations will never become nice and neighborly. Lots of examples are present around the globe, like in the tensions that are constantly present in the diplomatic relations between Croatia and Serbia, China and Japan, Germany and Russia, and so on. Even though the countries may be friends at the moment, and even though they have correct relations now, it is always possible to have that hostility  back on the surface and that politics take over the minds of the people and that useless and terrible crimes are committed.

One such example is the political situation between Russia and Turkey, which was fine and booming with economical prosperity, or at least it seemed so, until the moment when a Russian bomber SU-24 was shot down in Turkish airspace in November this year. Perhaps we will never know why the plane was there in the first place, or why did the Turks decided to attack it, but what we can know and what we can clearly see is the fact that diplomatic relations of those two countries have instantly “disappeared” and all that is left is pre-war rhetoric that just awaits a good reason to pull the trigger.


Millions of human lives are affected by this situation, if not the entire planet, since Turkey is a part of NATO (since 1952) and a conflict with Russia would mean that entire Europe and United States will stand in defense of their partner. This complicated situation is of course problematic, and will hopefully be resolved in a peaceful manner, but there were times when Russia and Turkey haven’t been able to find the same language and when blood was the only thing that could calm the hungry beasts.

For instance, Ottoman Empire and Russia clashed during the Cremean war from 1853 to 1856, and this was the one of the first major conflicts of those two super-powerful kingdoms. Shortly after that, came the full frontal war, known as the Russian-Ottoman war of 1877-78 and it was won by Russia. After that, the relations were not good at all, but the last conflict happened during the First World War, and after that the political relations of the two countries were slowly but surely improving.

ataturkPolitics of Kemal Ataturk and the communists in Russia set the foundations for forgiveness and peace, and in recent years, during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev there was a huge rise in trade deals and co-operation, in energy sector especially. Current levels of trade deals stand at around $30-35 billion dollars, but there was a significant growth expected until the Syrian regime and the problems with ISIS caused the world to dig out guns again and to prepare for shooting. Russia and Turkey are on the opposite sides in relation to Syrian president Assad, but the whole world hopes that the politics of these two countries will not drag the whole planet into what will surely be a Third World War.

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